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Mastoras Lift
Lifting Machine & Forklift Rentals, Loading & Unloading Services | Glyka Nera, Attica


K. Mastoras PCC

Corporate Fund:
20.000 €

Amount of Guarranted Contributions

G.E.M.I No.:

Company Address:
Rododafnis 54,  PC: 15354, Glyka Nera

Partners Names:

  1. Konstantinos Storaitis, resident of Acharnes
    Attica, K. Katara Str. No. 28, PC. 13678
  2. Mastoras Konstantinos, resident of Glyka Nera, Attica
    Rododafni Str. No. 54 PC.15354

a) Konstantinos Stouraitis paid the amount of 1000€ which covers 100 company shares, with nominal value of ten euros each and
b) Konstantinos Mastoras paid the amount of 19.000€ which covers 1.900 company shares, with nominal value of ten euros each.

In the profits and losses of the company the partners participate in proportion to their participation in the Company, that is 5% for Konstantinos Stouraitis and 95% for Konstantinos Mastoras.

Stouraitis Konstantinos

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