Rental Services

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Mastoras Lift
Lifting Machine & Forklift Rentals, Loading & Unloading Services | Glyka Nera, Attica


Rental Services

Mastoras Lift offers lifting machines and for lifts for rent.

The advantages with rent - hire are:

  • Expansion of activities without disbursement of capital,
  • Fixed and estimated cost of use,
  • Covering seasonal and emergency needs,
  • Avoid maintenance costs,
  • Fixed monthly cost,
  • The rental machines are perfectly maintained.


We have the option of transferring the rented machine by our own means of transport to your premises at no extra cost.

Forklift rentals, crane rentals, crane bridge rentals, loading and unloading services, forklift transfers all over Glyka Nera and Attica.

We'll be happy to collaborate with you,