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Exhibition & Conference Venues

The way we operate in each Exhibition space is the following:

First of all, the Organizer invites and tells us about the layout of the exhibition and talk about the type of machines to be installed. If the machines - equipment are heavy weight, we take care in time to get them first.

We will take the initiative to be informed of all the above, even if the organizer does not give us instructions.

We then conduct an on-site autopsy to see any special or dangerous points that need to be handled differently and which the operators need to be aware of.

We ensure that all the information are collected about 15 days before the event so that there is enough time for any changes.

During the setup and decommissioning of the event and according to the requirements of the promoter we use the appropriate lifting equipment, always ensuring that no problem or delay is created.

The tactic followed is always to have a lifting machine at each entrance of the Exhibition Area, but it can be moved wherever it is needed.

In special cases, we also use CB communication systems for more effective understanding and immediate problem handling.

In any case, there is a supervisor who oversees and gives solutions to any problems or demands of exhibitors that arise along the way.

In case additional lifting equipment is required we can, in a relatively short time, with our own means of transport, respond to the request.

Also for some machines that can not be moved by the hoists, we have special tools that we can "slide" to where it is intended.

For all the above guarantees is the philosophy and the route of the owner of the company Kostas Mastoras who has been offering such services for three decades.


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